It is an honor yet a responsibility to be the Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information at Cairo University. The Faculty of Computers and Information was among the first few Faculties opened in Egyptian Universities specialized in the fields of Computing and Information Sciences in 1996, and since established, it served as a beacon and role model for other universities in Egypt as well as the region.

The Faculty is blessed to have a strong group of well known Egyptian Scholars who provide the best quality of education to our graduates. As a result, the Faculty graduates constitute the building blocks of many multinational software companies in Egypt such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, NCR, TERADATA, and telecommunication companies such as Etisalat, Mobinil and Vodafone. The Faculty is a major employment source for national IT projects such as Smart Village. When our graduates decide to further pursue their graduate studies and research, they prove be quite competent and publish papers in well reputable conferences and journals.

Established in 1908, Cairo University has celebrated its centennial year in 2008, honoring its steady growth and reputable education, research, and community service.

Dear Students. You should feel proud to be at Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University. But it is very important for you to know that it is not enough to be a student in this university; it is also not enough to have the best scholars and curriculum to excel; these just grant you the environment which then has to be combined with a strong will and heartfelt desire to stand out of the crowd. It is essential to have a clear objective, study hard and practice a lot. Know very well that graduation is not the end, it is just the beginning. You decided to join a field of science that changes so fast and yet affects all aspects of our life, you need to stay updated, not just by getting the information but also by sharing it with others, building on it and making your contribution.

Always remember … we need to make a difference… this is the key.”

As a graduate of Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University, I wish you great success in your future career, whether you decided to join the industry or the academia, and urge you to keep in touch with your Faculty because it is your feedback which helps us maintain good academic standards.