The FCAI Students can do the following tasks through faculty SIS:

  1. Profile Management: Update personal details, change passwords, and upload photographs.
  2. Academic Registration: Register for courses each semester, drop or add courses within given timelines, and view class schedules.
  3. Grade Checking: Access semester grades, view transcripts, and monitor GPA.
  4. Attendance Monitoring: View attendance records for each course.
  5. Examination Schedules: View exam timetables and locations.
  6. Course Materials: Access course syllabi, reading lists, lecture slides, and other resources provided by professors.
  7. Communication: Receive notifications, news, and updates from faculty or the university administration. Students might also be able to communicate with faculty or advisors through an internal messaging system.
  8. Student Groups & Activities: Join or manage memberships of various student clubs, groups, or societies related to the field.
  9. Feedback & Surveys: Provide feedback for courses, faculty, or other university-related matters.
  10. Internships & Job Opportunities: View and apply for internship opportunities or job postings relevant to the field.

Enter to the system from :